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Cell Phone Store

Our cell phone store is a one-stop shop for all your cell phone needs. Whether you need a new battery, a replacement screen, or mobile accessories, AIM Discount has you covered. We pride ourselves on a wide selection of products and services so that no matter what you are looking for, AIM Discount is sure to have exactly what you need.
No matter the make or model of your phone, our cell phone store has you covered. It is why people have made us a must-visit destination for everything ranging from cellular repair to getting gadgets like aux cords and headphones. AIM Discount (910) 592-8005

Cell Phone Repair

Our team of certified repairmen is here to assist you in restoring your phone to its original condition. No size or complexity is too large. Whether you have water damage, a cracked screen, a dead battery, or a combination of all three, our experts have the technical experience and practical wherewithal to make those repairs possible.
We take pride in service that is not only of the highest-quality craftsmanship but expedient as well. In a majority of cases, AIM Discount associates are able to perform the necessary cell phone repair in under an hour. That way you can be reconnected with the world sooner rather than later. AIM Discount (910) 592-8005

Cell Phone Service

AIM Discount specializes in affordable cell phone service. Whether you are an iPhone or Android user, when you visit our store, you will be able to get the products and services you need a price you love. It is what has made us the regional leader in cell phone accessories and repair.
Our service starts with comprehensive and complementary diagnostics. Our team of technicians will thoroughly examine your phone to make sure we understand the root of the problem. From there we solve the problem on-site whether that is a dead battery, lock-out, cracked screen, or a combination of multiple problems.AIM Discount (910) 592-8005

Android Screen Repair

If your Android has a broken screen, the technicians at AIM Discount can help you replace it. Each staff member has years of Android screen repair experience, so no matter what version of phone you have, you can have peace of mind that you will have a like-new screen on your device in as little as 10 minutes.
Whether you have a minor crack or a full spider web aesthetic on your phone, we have you covered. Since the day we opened, we have prided ourselves on thorough repairs and high-quality craftsmanship that is designed to make sure that you get your phone restored to the condition it was before the break. AIM Discount (910) 592-8005

IPhone Screen Repair

If your iPhone has a ding, dented, or cracked display screen, we are here to fix it. For more than a decade, our technicians have thrived in iPhone screen repair. Whether the damage is a simple crack or looks more like a spider web, our staff has the practical and technical experience to ensure that the screen is completely repaired or replaced.
By the time that you walk out of our store, your iPhone will be looking like new. That is because we are committed to only the highest quality service and customer satisfaction. It is why people across the state contact us first when it comes to restoring their iPhone to its original appearance. AIM Discount (910) 592-8005

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